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Sustainable fragrances inspired by olfactive signatures of the desert.

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Inspired by the aromatic botany of the desert, MICA documents and pays homage to the vastness of the ecosystem and cultures it references.

Our fragrances are uniquely defined by a sense of place. Being wildly creative and resourceful allows us to create a fingerprint of the desert and bottle it in a scent that reflects the area it was born. 

MICA is named after Mica Mountain, the highest peak in the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park.The journey to Mica summit is made up of saguaro cactus, low growing shrubs and grasses, juniper, pinyon, oak woodlands, and a exquisite assemblage of scents. 

  • 10% Back to Nature

    We donate a share of our proceeds to conservation projects based in the Sonoran Desert. Every purchase supports this important work.

  • Partnership with Local Producers

    Behind each of our scents, you’ll find the expertise and craftsmanship of local partners who have accompanied us from the beginning.  

    We work directly with a small network of local suppliers and retailers that specialize in native and locally-cultivated plants, and share our vision of desert conservation.

  • Small Batch Formulation

    Each blend replicates the best that nature has to offer, drawing inspiration from the aromatic biodiversity of Mica Mountain and the surrounding areas. 

    Our formulas are a blend of natural and ethically-sourced, human-made ingredients. By being  intentional in the ingredients that we use, we lower our impact without compromising on quality.